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We believe in the power of asking questions: Philosophy as a form of activism. Future Based is not subsidized by any means. We thrive on your enthusiasm, collaborations, gifts and meetup participation. So, a big thanks to all the awesome people who provide the platform with interesting topics, enthusiasm, and who help make this idea work: Philosophy as a form of activism.

How to contribute:

By backing us:

Future Based is not subsidized by any means. With a small donation you make the difference. For example your gift allows us to run our website, record and publish podcasts, and organize reading groups. Your donation will have a direct impact on our future: Thanks to you we are able to built a stronger community; to foster new networks, reaffirm the power of conversation and asking questions.

Because we believe in the power of conversation, of dialogue, of asking questions. Asking questions can provide access into gaining insight. And as paradoxical as it might sound, by allowing for speculative futures and imagining alternatives, we make space for fresh notions of both ourselves and the world: Familiarizing ourselves with the future grants access to a better understanding of the Now.

For more information about sponsoring Future Based, get in contact with Sabine Winters.

By visiting an event, or by leaving a review online:

Would you like to contribute to the platform but not with liquid assets – i.e. in a nonfinancial manner? The possibilities are numerous! For example, just by visiting and sharing our events, you are helping the community to thrive. Thanks! In addition, you can leave a review online on Facebook or Google, this will help us hack the algorithm to our advantage!

By sharing your enthusiasm, ideas and collaboration:

Do you want to share your enthusiasm or personal ideas and contemplations yourself? We would love to hear them. Get in touch with us via Let’s grab a coffee soon, yes?

By sharing your research and writings:

We are always looking for new articles to share. Do you have research or a thesis that are gathering dust on a shelf? Share it with us! We will gladly post it on the website. For questions, conditions, or submitting your work, please get into contact with us:

By becoming a member:

Everything changes, everything is in flux. And in 2020, the structure of the Future Based organization will change drastically, so that we will be able to do bigger, cooler things more frequently. The option to become a member is one of those things we are going to introduce. However, this is not merely a membership. Most importantly, it is a form of active participation, a way of working (and making this work) together. That’s all we can say for now. Stay updated by subscribing to our newsletter.