The 2016 edition of the GET FED art fair was organized by an association of young artists, curators, art historians and philosophers, including Justin Prang, Casper Verborg, Neel Diekema, Roos Ticheler and Sabine Winters.


As representatives of a generation the GET FED Foundation seeks to strengthen the contact between maker and viewer audiences. Not only for their own interests, but especially from their enthusiasm for the arts and the importance they attach to innovative visibility of art in the urban areas of the city of Arnhem. The diverse backgrounds and networks bring as many frames of reference that result in a varied opinion on recent trends. The association is committed to present an overview of developments in the contemporary art scene in addition to a variety of media and methods among contemporary artists.

( work by Daan Paans)


Similar to last year, this unique art fair will be part of a wider cultural program in the city of Arnhem. In collaboration with SONSBEEK 2016, Museum Arnhem, ArtEZ University, Fashion + Design Festival and the Arnhem Stock Days, the GET FED Foundation organizes a fourteen-day art event in which 25 artists will participate. The aim of this edition is unique in the Netherlands due to the dialogue with the eleventh edition of the international art exhibition SONSBEEK. Their art exhibition Transactions will be composed by the Indonesian collective ruangrupa and connects the heritage of the past ten editions of SONSBEEK with the international contemporary art scene. From this theme, the GET FED Foundation chose to take the unique location of Arnhem, as a hub between the Dutch Randstad and the German Ruhr area, as the starting point for the selection of artists. This edition of the GET FED art fair will take place on the ground floor of BUILDING 026, located in the heart of downtown Arnhem at the intersection of the Koningstraat and the Broerestraat, directly across from Café Brasserie Dudok, the town hall and the Eusebius Church. During the fair, this property will be shared with SONSBEEK and Museum Arnhem. For the edition of 2016, the GET FED Foundation takes the concept of the art fair to a new level. In addition to an expansion of participating artists, the urban context of the exhibition will be explicitly taken as a starting point as we strive to a crossover between art fair, exhibition spaces and diverse media. No separate artist booths, but an open exhibition space with ample room for dialogue in presence of the artists. Let’s break down the walls surrounding the arts and thus build a challenging GET FED art fair that nestles like a chameleon between ancient fair and exhibition concepts!