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You are here! Finally : -)

Exactly one year ago we were forced to make a shift from offline to online events. And wow, we’ve organized over 15 events and welcomed over 270 participants from all over the world. Now that Spring is slowly creeping up on us, we feel that it is time to take a breather. So, starting from March till May we are going to re-think the structure of our platform, while you enjoy your offline life. We will be back with new gatherings on location, combined with a wonderful online programme in which we aim to merge the offline with the online.

We really have a deep desire to create new things, to genuinely come together and share meaningful time together. Therefore, we want to invite you to think along with us on our Miro Board. Let us know what kind of events you would like to attend, what you are missing on platforms such as Future Based, let us know what inspires you. You can post text, images, inspiring books, graphics whatever you would like us to take a look at. If you don’t know where to start or how to work with Miro, take a look here.

Do you have thoughts on a new programme for the Future Based platform, and would you like to inform us directly? If you want to collaborate or explore the possibilities of hosting your event on Future Based, please reach out to us at goodnews@futurebased.org.

I hope that we can exchange inspiration, ideas and thoughts : -)

Thank you for being part of our community!


If you are going to work on the board, please read the rules first:

Be kind, polite and considerate. / Feel free to share your thoughts, but stay on topic. / Be careful not to erase or overwrite works of others. If you don’t agree, or have a comment on a topic, leave a comment in a respectful manner. / There is room enough for everyone./ Of course, you can plug your website and work, but please do not leave your personal information on the board. If you want to get in touch, please do so via goodnews@futurebased.org.

Ready? You need this link to open and work on the board. Your adjustments will appear on the board below. : ) Enjoy!