Update 15th March 2020

Dear all, we hope this message finds you well. We live in strange, fascinating and disturbing times. Despite the dark clouds, there is also hope: fraternisation, love of neighbour, and cooperation in all kinds of forms. And perhaps also the *painful* realization that what we take for granted, is based on fragile assumptions. A time to literally – although by force – pause and ask ourselves what kind of future we are striving for.

In the meantime, we we will do our best to share interesting articles, books and podcasts. If you want to share interesting tips, please do so. If you are in need of some social interaction, let us know. We are working for example, to set up a (free) group discussion through Zoom – instead of a meetup-. How cool would that be? 💫

We wish everyone strength and inspiration.

All the best,


Performances, lectures, exhibitions, reading sessions, discussion groups, and everything in between:  We love to have all sorts of gatherings.  And since Future Based is not located anywhere, this can be literally everywhere. For an overview of upcoming events, click here.

For an impression of the previous events, click here.

Would you like to know more about upcoming events, or get in contact with the discussion group on previously discussed topics?  Please feel free to join our community group on Facebook.

For inquiries please contact us at goodnews@futurebased.org


It is very wonderful to attend events like these which are not connected to art-schools or other institutions, therefore open for a wider audience.



I liked the non-formal atmosphere. The vibe was very friendly and in my opinion, this is a strength of the event.


People felt safe to voice their opinion and to participate in the discussion. We spoke about 2 different, but related topics about the impact of technology into our society. For me Future Based is an enrichment for the philosophy scene, and I am very looking forward to the next events.


Future does great work at making philosophy and critical thought accessible to a greater public.


Food for thought and exciting events carefully crafted by brilliant minds.


A great platform to get a new pespective on daily subjects. I love the combination of art, science and philosophy.