From September 2018 till May 2019 we organized 5 meetups, recorded 6 podcasts and wrote a significant amount of essays. The most recent meetup, we did at the Torpedo Theater in Amsterdam the 23thrd of May.

From June to August we will be refueling for a new season regarding the meetups, by recording new podcasts and write reflections. The new Future Based meetups season will follow starting from September. 

* Update: Already confirmed starting from september: 7 meetups in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Nijmegen. And more to come! For more info stay tuned! *

Future Based is currently looking for:

  • Writers, essayists, essays
  •  Draft writings
  •  Podcast editor / voice over
  • Interns

You can send in your application by using the form below, or email

Would you like to know more about collaboration, or ask us a question? Let us know: 


For an impression of the topics of the previous events, click here.

Would you like to know more about upcoming events, or get in contact with the discussion group on previously discussed topics?  Please feel free to join our community group on Facebook.

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“It is very wonderful to attend events like these which are not connected to art-schools or other institutions, therefore open for a wider audience.”

I liked the non-formal atmosphere. The vibe was very friendly and in my opinion, this is a strength of the event.”

“People felt safe to voice their opinion and to participate in the discussion. We spoke about 2 different, but related topics about the impact of technology into our society. For me Future Based is an enrichment for the philosophy scene, and I am very looking forward to the next events.”