Do you believe in AI as an opportunity to realize a fully automated society in which we can not only survive, but we can excel, using AI as a way to free us from, poverty and inequality?

An AI driven society in which we focus on a larger part of humanity, solving real extant issues, such as finding cures for diseases and repairing and preserving our environment.

But how can ideals like this become reality in a society which mega corporations already make use of advanced AI driven algorithms for marketing purpose?

Recent advances in AI have given computers superhuman pattern-recognition skills: the ability to spot correlations within oceans of digital data, and make predictions based on those correlations. This information is not only used for the benefit of living a healthy and happy life: many companies are earning money by AI driven algorithm, predicting consumer behavior, or recognizing the face of a dissident captured by a city’s omnipresent surveillance cameras and to use this information for advertisement. The Chinese government is going even further, creating an AI core for the sake of upgrading the economy, broadening access to public goods, and maintaining political control.

More powerful AI systems will also lead us into new, uncertain moral grounds.

This evening we will be focusing on reflecting on the possibilities of the use of data driven marketing and the use of AI and ethics.

This evening we will be having a conversation on the possibilities of the use of data driven marketing and ethics.

We will be reflecting using thought experiments, on privacy, the role of marketeers and new techniques.

A few questions we will be addressing to are:

Which is the price of our privacy?

Who decides the guidelines and ethics on data drive marketing? The government (Mark Zukerberg’s testimony in the US Congress)? Or the market/companies? Are developers well educated?

What are the implications of the use of data driven marketing?
Are we increasing and accelerating the social rupture? Or could Artificial Intelligence lead to socialism?

An evening with a wide range of questions, to explore the moral implications of our time frame. For everyone who is interested in privacy and marketing.

Do you have a question for this meeting? Or do you have a topic you would like to have discussed with experts? Get in touch. We appreciate all contributions.

Free admission.
Location will be in the center of Arnhem. More information soon ( if you want to keep updated, please visit our Meet Up page)

Discussion will be in English.