This is an initiative of Studium Generale – University of Wageningen.

Art philosophers have thought quite a lot about the core qualities of movies. What were their conclusions? On the other hand, cinema has always expressed a deep interest in philosophy. In the last decades, the question is posed if film can make statements about philosophy. Or even philosophize itself. And if so, how exactly?

Using a series of fascinating movie-scenes, film critic Kevin Toma and young philosopher Sabine Winters explore the complex relationship between film and philosophy.

You, the visitors, will get your fair chance to participate in the discussion on these questions, guided by clips from ‘thinking films’ like 2001: A Space Odyssey, L’Avventura, Taxi Driver, WALL-E and The Matrix.

This college series is in English and consists of independent lectures that can be followed separately. For more information, please visit the website of Studium Generale Universiteit Wageningen. 

In January 2019 there will be a college series at Louis Hartloopercomplex Utrecht ( Dutch).